About the Book

Lily’s Daughter: a memoir

In the moving memoir Lily’s Daughter, Susan Gerstein (formerly Zsuzsa Osvath) recounts her early life growing up in Nazi-occupied, war-torn and eventually Communist-dominated Hungary.  She introduces a vast array of colorful people whose life was impacted by these traumatic times.  We meet Lily and Tibor, her turbulent parents who struggle to maintain some equilibrium in the face of ever-recurring chaos; their family and friends whose fate, reaching around the globe and back in time forms the framework of the narrator’s growing years.  There are her grandparents falling victim to the carnage of the Holocaust; there is her uncle the true-believing Communist; there are actors, writers, and dramatic changes of fortune.  In the most dramatic turn of fate, the Revolution in 1956 arrives and with it the opportunity to make her daring escape across a dangerous border into the West. We get to know Susan Gerstein as a child turning into a young woman observing the world around her as well as her own changing self.  Her story is of survival and success, a young woman’s taking charge of her life and forging a future out of the chaos that she was innocently caught in.

 “Lily’s Daughter” was reviewed in Kirkus Reviews magazine <https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/susan-gerstein/lilys-daughter/>